From Cradle to Career

Helping communities to solve their toughest problems by reducing crime, disease, and poverty rates.


Most communities and corporations can’t afford to pay for dozens of full-time prevention scientists and prevention science workers to support them, 24/7. Prevention specialists and workers are needed, 24/7, to reduce social problems such as crime, disease, and poverty rates before they occur.

This is where PreventionSc comes in; we help you discover practical, evidence-based solutions to solve your toughest social problems. You choose the services you need from a list of options we provide. Whether it’s consultation and training, technical assistance to get you started, risk and resource assessments to ensure feasibility, creating a strategic action plan, evaluating your current programs, or starting a community/corporate tuition-free college initiative. Regardless of which of our services you choose, your community/corporation is guaranteed to save lots of money and improve quality of life for everyone. In addition to your financial savings, our biggest guarantee is to increase your rate of safety, health, and education, communitywide!

A few things we’re great at:

Whether you are tackling your poverty rate or workforce development, we will help you with the necessary tools and resources you need to thrive.


Whether you are just getting started or need help with existing programs, we work with you, wherever you are, by phone, web, or in person.


We specialize in using communitywide best-practices and evidence-based programs. We know what works. We won’t waste your time on programs that don’t work.


We are transparent and proactive. We use data from your organization to identify problems and form practical solutions. You will always know where we are in the process.


Together, we will help you create an action plan, designed to solve your issues and meet the needs identified in your priority list. This action plan can be incorporated in your existing or future strategic plan.

  • Overview: We assess the major social problems of crime, disease, and poverty rates;
  • Benefits: We identify major prevention science benefits of greater effectiveness, sustainability, and efficiency;
  • Resources: We help secure renewable abundant resources to facilitate prevention projects for your community.
  • Prevention Teaching: We help you train community stakeholders to integrate prevention knowledge into existing training programs;
  • Prevention Research: We help you collect, analyze, and report data to solve the problems you prioritize;
  • Prevention Service: We help you facilitate events and activities needed to support your prevention teaching and research.

CommU = CommUniversity

The CommU Project

CommU is a cutting-edge technology that stops communitywide social problems before they occur. It combines higher education with prevention science projects, tuition-free!


The mission of CommU is to guarantee access to tuition-free accredited degrees (TADs)™ for every low income worker and public servant.


CommU guarantees weekly mentoring to help participants receive tuition-free accredited degrees (TADs).


CommU is designed for the major facilities found in every community. They include public libraries, residential public housing complexes, school districts, places of worship, prisons, and businesses.

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