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PSC Founder Dr Sam Arungwa

​Dr. Sam Arungwa
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While growing up in an African village, the life dream of Samuel Chibuike Arungwa seemed a world away. It was his deepest desire to become educated, but under the crushing effects of poverty, every day became about basic human survival. Until, that fateful day that changed the course of his life.  The day of a chance encounter with an American Mormon missionary couple, who dreamed of educating a native of the land they loved. As a result of their commitment and compassion, Sam was given the opportunity to come to America to make his dream of becoming a doctor a reality. Once Dr. Sam received his doctorate degree, he vowed that now is the time to educate the world out of crime, disease and poverty rates. This clear sense of urgency and mission informs his whole life.

Dr. Sam received a doctorate degree in justice studies from Texas A&M University System, and a post doctorate certification from the University of Washington, specializing in Communities That Care (CTC) and evidence-based prevention practices (EBPs). He earned a Master’s degree from Texas Southern University, school of Public Service specializing in administration of justice. He also received a Bachelor’s of Science degree with honors from the University of Houston System. For his undergraduate work, he received an Associate’s degree with emphasis in paralegal studies from The Lone Star College System. 

As part of his seminal dissertation project, Dr. Sam conducted groundbreaking research on how to scale evidence based practices or EBPs to every neighborhood. Dr. Sam is also the first prevention researcher in the state of Texas to receive the Training of Trainers certification in the CTC model. The CTC is a delivery system for bringing prevention science to every community school and college district in the world.

Dr. Sam was one of the first pro-bono professors to develop prevention science courses for University of the People (UoPeople), the first tuition-free accredited online university in the world. He then became a pro-bono professor of ethics at UoPeople, teaching students across the globe. As part of his broader contribution to the UoPeople mission, he created the CommU (CommU) methodology to facilitate local mentoring support for tuition-free post-secondary education in every community.

Prior to bringing CTC to Texas, he served as an adjunct professor at the Lone Star College System, and the Texas A&M University System. Also, Dr. Sam has over 20 years work experience in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. His teaching, research, and service career has spanned over six continents.

He founded Prevention Science Corporation, a non-profit 501c3 project, to consult and train top public/private CEOs to support tuition-free higher education and CTC prevention science. He is the author of several research papers including: “Willingness to Support (WITS)”; “Evidence-based Service-learning (EBSL)”; “Reentry on a dime (RAOD)”; Evidence-based Corrections and Reentry (EBCAR)”; “Reserve Evidence-based Law-Enforcement (REBLE)”; “Willingness to Support for CTC (WITS4CTC)”; and “CTC-MOOCs.”